Tribe Name

Write an introductory paragraph, summarizing your research's findings on this tribe.
The name 'Nez Perce' is an exonym, given to them by French Canadian fur traders. The name Nez Perce, literally means "Pierced Nose."


Include a chronology of at least 15 dates and descriptions of important events in the tribe's history. At least 5 must be prior to European contact.
1877- The year 1877 saw the unfolding of the historic drama known as the Nez Perce War or Chief Joseph's War.


Include a map and a text description of the extent of the tribe's contacts.
The Nez Perce territory covered an impressive 17 million acres, covering parts of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.


Identify the language and language group for this tribe. This will necessarily require a discussion of related tribes.
They spoke the Nez Perce language or NiimiipuutĂ­mt, a Sahaptian language related to the several dialects of Sahaptin.

Social Organization and Government

Discuss how tribal society was organized.
Describe how tribal society was governed.
Analyze the social implications of the tribe's method of government.


Include a description with visual evidence of the tribe's clothing prior to European contact.
Describe what, if any, change occurred to their mode of dress following European contact.

Diet and Food Sources

Describe the tribe's diet and food sources.
Discuss food preservation and management.


Describe the forms of shelter used by the tribe. This will necessarily involve discussion of social organization.
Include a visual.
In the year 1800, there were approximately 70 shelters that were occupied depending upon the season and social grouping. Each shelter had around 30-200 occupants.


Consider the tribe's transportation methods before 1500 and then again following European contact.
The Spanish's horse became a great asset to the Nez Perce. The horses greatly eased their trips during the times of their seasonal rounds.

Tools and Weapons

Describe the tools created.
Compare the tools created by Native Americans to tools created elsewhere in the world (Europe and China) at the same time.

Economic Activities and Trade

Describe how the tribe created goods and acquired wealth (money and materials).
Through an economic lens, analyze how the tribe interacted with other tribes and with Europeans.
Analyze the economic nature of any social traditions that involve gifting.

Religious Beliefs

Identify the beliefs of the tribe, comparing and contrasting with neighboring tribes.
Include a creation story, if possible.

Recreation and Games

Include examples of games. If a game is sufficiently complex that you cannot describe it in words, create a graphic to explain it.

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