Economic Expansion to the Depression

Complete the following activities using HistoryLink articles and historical newspaper archives.

Also helpful is a search on the Library of Congress' Chronicling America for Granite Falls.

Assignment 1 - 1889 to 1910

Using the timeline articles from between 1889 and 1910 answer the following questions. You may use the textbook for background and definitions, but evidence must be cited from specific HistoryLink articles.

1. Define the following people, laws, or terms in the context of Washington state in the 1890s.
  • Donation Land Act
  • Homestead Act
  • Transcontinental Railroads
  • labor union
  • mechanization

2. Describe and provide evidence for at least five (5) types of economic development in Washington State.

3. Describe and provide at least five (5) pieces of evidence for the cultural development of Washington State.

4. Describe the evidence for at least three (3) new or continued conflicts in Washington State.

5. Identify and explain at least (3) transportation methods used by 19th century people traveling to Washington State to live and work.

6. Provide at least five (5) pieces of evidence for the impact of the Alaskan Gold Rush of 1897 on the growth of Washington State.

7. Identify an article that exemplifies life in the Pacific Northwest

Assignment 2 - Granite Falls, 1890 to 1925

As you answer each of the following questions, be sure to record a citation for each resource you use in Chicago format.

History Link search: Granite Falls
Library of Congress Historical Newspaper Search: Granite Falls
Seattle Times Historical Archive
University of Washington Digital Collections

1. What economic activities were going on in Granite Falls between 1890 and 1925? Identify at least 5.

2. What evidence do you have of these economic activities?
  • Describe the evidence available.
  • Provide stable links to the evidence.
  • Include photographic or documentary evidence in your document.

3. Locate the place where one of the photographs from the UW Digital Archives is found using Google Maps. Add a satellite image of one of the sites today next to the original photograph.

Assignment 3 - Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition

At this point, it should go without saying that you need to provide adequately source information and primary documentary evidence for all answers.

You are welcome to use the resources from previous activities. Additionally, these resources are particularly helpful.

1. What was the purpose of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition?

2. What were the dates of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition?

3. Where was the A-Y-P-E held? What is located there today?

4. What kinds of events and exhibits were part of the A-Y-P-E? Include at least five of each.

5. How did the A-Y-P-E introduce Americans to America's territories abroad?

6. What dignitaries attended the A-Y-P-E?

7. What was the feeling at the time about the A-Y-P-E? Was it a success?

8. What is the long-term legacy of the A-Y-P-E?

Reflection Questions:

How much of this did you know?
How much of this was new to you?
What questions do you have remaining?

Bonus: Identify at least one of the controversies at Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition.

Assignment 4 - Ethnic Minorities in Washington State

As always, provide evidence.

1. Define the following:
  • Ethnicity
  • Race
  • Culture
  • Minority

2. What ethnic or cultural groups lived in Washington State between 1890 and 1920?

3. What jobs did ethnic minorities do?

4. Where did they live?

5. How were they treated? Is there evidence of violence, discrimination, and exclusion?

Resource: A History Bursting With Telling: Asian Americans in Washington State

Assignment 4.5

Answer the following questions in complete sentences, using specific examples from the video.

1. What individuals and organizations advocated for the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam?
2. How did economic circumstances in the early 1900s lead to construction of the dam?
3. What positive outcomes did construction of the dam cause?
4. What negative outcomes did construction of the dam cause?

Assignment 4.6

Write a one page "black sheet" essay examining one of the conflicts surrounding the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam.
  • An example of government overreach and spending.
  • Dislocation of Colville indians
  • Destruction of Salmon on the Columbia River.
  • Creation of surplus irrigated land and surplus food.

Do not take a sideā€”just describe the source of the conflict and the perspectives of each stakeholder in the conflict.
You must quote or reference at least two outside sources. (Newspaper editorials, academic papers, news reports, etc.)

[Black sheet essays = .5 inch margins, single spaced, no header, 12 pt Times New Roman or Calibri]