Coeur 'dalene

The Coeur 'dalene tribe name has many meanings by the french trappers it means the heart of the awl and by the Coeur'dalene tribe called themselves the those who are found here. They lived in the panhandle of idaho.


Include a chronology of at least 15 dates and descriptions of important events in the tribe's history. At least 5 must be prior to European contact.


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The red is the original territory they lived prior to contact with white people. They were in contact with many other tribes such as Kootenai, Kalispel, Spokane, Nez Perce ,Palouse ,Flat head and Pend 'Oreville


The Coeur 'dalene tribal language is Snchitsu'umshtsn.

Social Organization and Government

They had elected chiefs and a council to help keep the cheif in line.
Analyze the social implications of the tribe's method of government.


traditional clothing was made be woven rabbit skin and skins of deer, elk or antelope. women wore aprons, and men wore leggings, breech cloth, and shirt. Both sexes wore moccasins and robes in cold weather. Beginning in the late eighteenth century, beads and quillwork were added to many clothing.

Diet and Food Sources

They would eat the fish they got from rivers. Also they would eat lager animal like deer and bear. they did not eat buffalo until it was hunted on a large scale. Alone with the lager animals they also ate small game like birds. they also would eat many barriers, nuts and fruit. The way they would help keep their meat from going bad was to dry it out in the sun.


The Coeur d'Alene lived in large permanent villages. There were three mane villages.
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The Coeur d'Alene would walk every where. They also used canoes but that was only in some rivers. After horses were brought over to the Americas t they would use horse to go farther and faster. This really helped them trade with other tribes, and it changed their diet.

Tools and Weapons

They had many tools. They had only stone tools before the French trappers, but they still did what they needed. They had things like axes, knives, pots, canoes, and much more. Some of the tools they used could also be used for weapons. They used things like bows and knives for weapons and tools.

Economic Activities and Trade

The Coeur d'Alene tribe acquired their materials from the land around then ,and by the near by animals .
This tribe interacted with many tribes around them and most of them in a positive manner except with the Spokans and the Nez perce once they had horses they encroached on the buffalo hunting territory that of the plains Indians. They traded with the French trappers for beads and other materials.
A potlatch is normally held for births, deaths ,adoptions, and weddings and other major events its much like what we call a potluck with the getting together and bringing of food but it has more of a depth to it compared to a potluck, the house of the host would put on depending on their wealth elaborate dances and stories told to tell the families heritage and wealth ... it was also a way of bringing shame to another chieftain or host ...if the other chieftain was challenged by their current host and they don't return 100 percent of the gifts and doesn't have a more elaborate potlatch they can bring shame on their family.

Religious Beliefs

Identify the beliefs of the tribe, comparing and contrasting with neighboring tribes.
Include a creation story, if possible.

Recreation and Games

Include examples of games. If a game is sufficiently complex that you cannot describe it in words, create a graphic to explain it.

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